About Us


I'm Erica Ailawishes Gillespie, a proud Atlantan with deep family ties to the legendary Jazz musician Dizzy Gillespie, infusing the world of food with the artistry of fusion.

As you browse through our virtual aisles, envision the rustic charm of my country upbringing, where every day was a flavorful journey in my grandma's kitchen. She masterfully created family feasts using an array of spices, some from leading brands that, over time, have been associated with health concerns in our culture.

Driven by a desire for efficiency without compromising on flavor, I founded Feisty Spices. With a commitment to health and bold exploration, our unique blends aim to simplify your kitchen experience. Imagine creating extraordinary meals with just one bottle of seasoning—health-conscious, low sodium, gluten-free, zero calories, and boasting organic and vegan-friendly options.

In the spirit of my grandmother's culinary passion and my love for bold flavors, Feisty Spices invites you to embark on a delicious journey where tradition meets innovation. Join us in making every meal an expression of heritage, health, and unparalleled taste. Let's spice up your kitchen, one Feisty blend at a time!